For Individuals

For Individuals

When Transcendent Planning partners with businesses and financial professionals, their individual employees and clients ultimately benefit from our implementation of cost containment strategies and enhanced benefit offerings.

Often times, individuals will experience an increase in their net take-home pay while also gaining access to a number of additional benefits and insurance coverages at a lower cost and with less rigorous underwriting requirements than if they were to pursue those same benefits/insurance plans individually outside of their employer.

If you work as a W-2 employee and do not have access to any of the following items through your employer, we may be able to help:

  • Basic Insurance Benefits
    • Health, Dental, Vision
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Income Protection
    • Cancer Insurance
    • Long-Term Care / Critical Illness
  • Retirement Savings  
  • Business Expense Account Reimbursement
  • Personal Loans / Financing
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Lifestyle Discounts
  • Telemedicine Services

Individual Policy Reviews

Frequently, we can either reduce the amount of premium you are paying for the same amount of benefit or we can introduce additional benefits without a significant increase in your out of pocket costs.

If you have any Life Insurance, Long-Term Care or Annuities which have not been reviewed in the past 24-36 months, contact us to schedule a complimentary policy review.

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